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TexasCarsDirect got its start thanks to $500 and a slick Ford Mustang in 1977. At that time TexasCarsDirect founder Peter Bulban was a high schooler with his eye on a nice Ford Mustang. Mr. Bulban convinced his parents to borrow(lend) him the $500 for the vehicle, but the terms were that he had to pay them back before the end of summer. When the high school student couldn’t come up with the funds, he was forced to sell it. What would be heartbreak for any car lover, turned into the beginning of career selling sports cars for the young man. In fact, when two people showed up to see the Mustang, a bidding war ensued and Mr. Bulban discovered that he had a talent in selling sports cars. At the end of the day the Mustang sold for $1,100 and Mr. Bulban paid his parents back, not realizing that this was the beginning of his business: Texas Mustang Sales.

The business continued to grow and soon was buying and selling all makes and models of sports cars. In 2011, the name changed to TexasCarsDirect to reflect the variety of vehicles available. Today, TexasCarsDirect is a leading seller of pre-owned Mercedes Benz in the United States. While 50 percent of TexasCarsDirect’s business comes from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the rest comes from the dealership’s coast-to-coast and international customer base. In fact, it’s TexasCarsDirect’s hands-off approach to sales that brings referrals and customers in from all over the country. Come see for yourself why car shoppers from all over the United States come to TexasCarsDirect to find their dream car.


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