Reserve a Vehicle

  Reservation Policy:

Your reservation will hold this vehicle for 2 business days from today. If the vehicle is incoming your hold time starts when the vehicle arrives.

You will be notified 24 - 48 hours prior to arrival. All reservations expire at the close of business on your expiration date. $1,000 Deposit amount can be made with a credit card.

Deposit will be applied to your purchase by reducing your cash down amount or the purchase price in the event you are paying cash.

Your deposit is refundable after 90 days. If you are financing with $0 down, your deposit is refunded at time of sale.In the event you do not complete the purchase your deposit is refunded after 90 days. 

If there happens to already be a sale "pending" on this vehicle you will be contacted immediately and your deposit will be refunded. 


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